Supporting Our Youth

EDP Hotels has invested nearly $2 million to support young people in South Australia through the Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program. The program is designed to empower Year 10 students in both metropolitan and regional areas by providing them with evidence-based personal leadership programs that enhance their enterprise, social, and emotional skills, as well as their overall wellbeing.

Using positive psychology and cognitive therapy, the program engages and extends participants knowledge and skills in areas not typically part of their schooling but that are crucially important to life to address issues associated with:

  • disruptive classroom behaviors
  • academic disengagement
  • poor relationships and communication skills
  • anxiety leading to poor emotional wellbeing

The results speak for themselves – The projected economic return on investment in social-emotional learning is $11 for every dollar invested toward intervention. Through this initiative, EDP Hotels aims to contribute to the growth and development of young South Australians creating a ripple effect that benefit the wider community.

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